What is home healthcare?

Healthcare services which can be provided within the comfort of your home for patients who do not need hospitalization.

How do I choose the right home healthcare company?

You need to look at a company which provides a wide range of home healthcare services and provides professional services with appropriate back-up so that your loved ones are never left un-attended.

What services are offered?

MedCare At Home offers Care giving services, Assisted Elder care services, Palliative care, Physiotherapy support and Rental of Medical Equipment. You can check out a full list of services here.

How do I avail of the services?

You can either call us or e-mail us and we will arrange to meet up with you first. After which we shall be able to offer you a customized program just for your needs and we can then immediately begin care giving!

Where are you located?

We are based out of Gurgaon and offer our services at this point across NCR region. Please feel free to get in touch with any request you may have.

What kind of caregivers do you work with?

Varied age groups, different ethnicity and skills, we work with caregivers from all over the country. What we seek is empathy and the ability to learn. Our training programs ensure they are skilled and trained on the job. Practical training helps them understand real-life situations and their response for the same. We do not discriminate on gender or education even. Our staff understands that caregiving is a tough task and high on passion.

What kinds of shifts do you work with?

Our first meeting/conversation usually allows us to understand the needs better basis which we make the right recommendations. Our caregivers can provide caregiving around the clock, in 12 hour shifts. Incase you do not need support in the night, they can be present for 8-10-12 hours even. However, this decision is only taken basis what the patient needs.

Can I choose which caregiver comes to my home?

We are sorry we do not allow or entertain such preferences. Incase of any issue, you must reach out to us so we can resolve the same, and we can always send upto 2 replacements if things do not go the best way. However, we do not discriminate basis gender, education, skin color and other parameters. Hence we reserve the right to placements.

Do I pay the caregivers directly?

We highly advice not to. Please know we manage a fleet of staff. Our internal processes help our staff enjoy the benefits of any organization such as insurance, perks and others. We would request you to channelize their salaries via MedCare at Home so we are able to monitor the deliverables for each staff. Incase of any discrepancy please do reach out to us.

How can I pay for the services?

We accept payments through cash, cheques, and wire/online transfers.